HeveaBoard pioneered the commercial production of Super E0 particleboard in SEA which conforms to the Japanese Formaldehyde Standard (JIS A5908). The excellent bonding and minimal formaldehyde emission properties make this product ideal for environment and health-friendly applications.


SUPER E0(F☆☆☆☆) AND E0(F☆☆☆) PARTICLEBOARD PROPERTIES (JIS A 5908:2015 - Type 13)

Thickness 9mm 15-18mm 20-25mm 30-36mm
Bending Strength (N/mm2) - Min 13.0
Internal Bond (N/mm2) - Min 0.20
Thickness Swelling (%) N/A
Face Screw Withdrawal (N) - Min 400
Moisture Content (%) 5 - 13
Formaldehyde Emission
- Mean 0.3mg/L or under
  Max 0.4mg/L or under
- Mean 0.5mg/L or under
  Max 0.7mg/L or under

* 1) Average Property Value attained for density at 650-680kg per m3 < 25mm
2) Average Property Value attained for density at 640kg per m3 ≥ 25mm
* JIS Mark Certification only applicable for F★★★★ and F★★★ Particleboards