Excellent bonding and low formaldehyde emission. Available in a standard range of panel sizes in thicknesses ranging from 9mm to 25mm.


SUPER E0(F☆☆☆☆) AND E0(F☆☆☆) PARTICLEBOARD PROPERTIES (JIS A 5908:2015 - Type 13)

Thickness 9mm 15-18mm 20-25mm 30-36mm
Bending Strength (N/mm2) - Min 13.0
Internal Bond (N/mm2) - Min 0.20
Thickness Swelling (%) N/A
Face Screw Withdrawal (N) - Min 400
Moisture Content (%) 5 - 13
Formaldehyde Emission
- Mean 0.3mg/L or under
  Max 0.4mg/L or under
- Mean 0.5mg/L or under
  Max 0.7mg/L or under

* 1) Average Property Value attained for density at 650-680kg per m3 < 25mm
2) Average Property Value attained for density at 640kg per m3 ≥ 25mm
* JIS Mark Certification only applicable for F★★★★ and F★★★ Particleboards